Paul and Trenda Snetzinger
Paul and Trenda SnetzingerFounders
Paul works for Corporate America with the hopes of retiring soon and focusing on Hearts, Hands and Hope Foundation. He is an ex Army Ranger who served our country through several deployments. Paul loves to hunt, spend time outdoors, golf, spending time within the MMA environment, and spending time with his family.

Trenda works from home after teaching special education for 11 years. She loves spending time with her grandchildren and family, being a part of the local MMA community, traveling and helping others.

Paul and Trenda formed Hearts, Hands and Hope Foundation in 2016 after both Trenda, and her mom, were diagnosed with breast cancer within a week of one another. After having to go through multiple surgeries and treatments, Trenda knew that her experiences were not isolated so she wanted to form a foundation that would support women, and their families, who are battling breast cancer. They decided to open up the recipients of Hearts, Hands and Hope to children as well in honor of a young man named Diego who battled Leukemia for several yearts before passing in 2016, as well as, Gabe whose mom is on the board of HHH, and who has also battled cancer.
It’s important to Paul and Trenda that all cancer warriors know that they are not alone. They know the feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and feeling alone – even when you’re not. We want to be someone’s sanctuary during a time of uncertainity. We want to be there when others are not. We want noone to ever go through this disease alone.

We support women, and their families, who are battling breast cancer, and other forms of cancer, to ensure their battle is easier for them.

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